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Principle investigator: Dr. Rory Telemeco

Rory received his PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Iowa State University and his MS and BS degrees in Biology from the University of Central Oklahoma (with a stint at the University of Sydney in Australia for his MS research).  He did post-docs at the University of Washington and Auburn University, before joining the Biology faculty at Fresno State University as an Assistant Professor in 2017. Rory is broadly interested in ecological and evolutionary responses of organisms (especially reptiles) to changing environments. 

Office 316A Science 1, Fresno State University


Phone 559-278-8702

California State University, Fresno
2555 E San Ramon Ave. M/S SB73
Fresno, CA 93740-8034


Graduate Students

Dalton Leibold

Dalton completed his BS in Biology at the University of Central Oklahoma.  He joined the Telemeco Lab at Fresno State in 2018 to pursue his MS degree in physiological ecology.


Undergraduate Students


Sandor Menyhay

Sandor (Sean) is an undergraduate from Madera, California majoring in Biology with a minor in Computer Science at California State University Fresno.  He is an active student and social advocate on campus. He has been a member of many organizations including American Medical Student Association, Magkaisia, Nexus eSports, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, and Alpha Sigma Phi as well as playing Trumpet in the Bulldog Marching Band and the Fresno State Basketball Band. He aspires to one day advance things such as deep machine learning methods for cancer subtype classification and develop new, standardized algorithms for identifying genomic variation between samples.  He is currently collaborating with  the Telemeco lab and the Schwartz Lab (Auburn University) to investigate evolution of the glucocorticoid receptor in vertebrates.  Sandor is also working with other undergraduates to test hypotheses for why animals stop functioning at high temperatures. 


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Karina Perez

Karina is a Senior at CSU Fresno, pursuing a bachelors degree in Biology. For a career, she aspires to be a clinical or research pharmacist. She is currently working on a project examining the effects of incubation environment on development and post-hatching success in crested geckos (Correlophus ciliatus).




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